At First Free we’re always looking for ways to love and serve our city in relational and practical ways. This year COVID-19 has presented significant challenges for many in our Lincoln Public School system. Together, we have the opportunity to impact marginalized families, struggling kids, and overworked teachers and administrators alike this fall. Want to join us? Here’s how you can help.


It’s easy to get involved

pick a school

Step 1: Pick a school

Pick one school on your heart or pick several! Then join the FFC Loves LPS network for the school of your choice.

equip and encourage

Step 2: Equip & encourage

Once you join a school network, you’ll discover specific ways to encourage and equip the teachers, administrators, and families of that school. You may also receive additional opportunities to love and serve your school via email from the FFC point person for that school throughout the season.

Spread the love

Not finding the school you’d like to love on? Consider becoming an FFC point person and starting the FFC Loves LPS network for that school.

Contact us

Your love makes a difference

Fence message

With so many teachers feeling discouraged, the FFC Loves Adams team constructed a Solo cup message to remind teachers how much they’re appreciated.

Cookie Love

Nothing says you care like a handwritten note and homemade chocolate chip cookies. The FFC Loves Prescott team organized such a kind gesture, and the teachers were so thankful.

Sheets for families

When the Elliot Elementary principal shared that two families received new beds and needed sheets, the FFC Loves Elliot team purchased eight sets of sheets and met the need.

granola bars

Breakfast Stash

After a school counselor mentioned she frequently hands out granola bars to students who don’t have access to breakfast, an FFC Loves LPS team stepped up and promised to keep the stash full so no student has to go hungry.

Share your interest with Daniel, Pastor of Outreach.