Becoming the person God made you to be is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to help you take steps in the right direction. These classes and Bible studies will help you understand how learning is connected to growing as a disciple.

Core Classes

Connect your faith to everyday life!

At First Free Church, we’ve thought long and hard about the most important things that every disciple of Jesus should understand and cultivate in their daily lives. As a result, we’ve created six unique learning experiences that will help every adult disciple grow in their faith.

Who are these classes for?

These classes are ideal for anyone exploring Christianity or the Church, anyone new in their faith, or those desiring to build, or perhaps rebuild, a firm foundation as a growing disciple.

What to expect:

We offer six classes spread out over two years. Each Class is 8-12 weeks long and will include reading material, class handouts, lots of interaction, practical application, and plenty of opportunity to go deeper in core areas related to spiritual growth.

Real World Gospel Living

Join a class that lays the foundation of what the gospel is and what it means to live it out.

Coming fall 2023

What We Believe

This class takes you on a guided tour of the primary Christian beliefs that followers of Jesus affirm and believe, showing you how these doctrines are helpful in our daily walk with God.

Coming fall, 2023

Real World Gospel Living

“What is the gospel?” People have been asking this question for centuries. We’re told to hear and believe the gospel but what does that mean? Furthermore, we’re supposed to obey the gospel and live a gospel-centered life, what does that look like? This class lays the foundation for understanding the gospel and learning what it means to live it out in every aspect of our lives.

Coming this fall!

What We Believe

“Why do I believe what I believe?” “What beliefs are essential to the identity of a Christ-follower?” “I think I know what I believe, but how do I explain it to someone else?” If you’ve found yourself asking any of these questions, this class is for you! We’ll take you on a guided tour of the primary Christian beliefs that followers of Jesus affirm and believe, showing you how these doctrines are helpful in our daily walk with God.

Coming fall, 2023

Worldview Meets Real Life

“Worldview” sounds pretty philosophical and BIG, but truth be told, we all have certain worldviews which describe how we understand and view the world we experience every day. A “worldview” is simply a lens by which see and interpret what is happening all around us. In this class, we’ll explore the concept of a Christian worldview which shapes our identity as followers of Jesus.

Participation in the Story class is highly recommended before taking this class, but not required.

Coming winter, 2024

The Bible: Read It. Study It. Apply It.

Become a better reader of God’s word by exploring basic principles and practices of studying and applying Scripture. We get hands on in this class as we practice reading the Bible closely, slowly, and carefully. Learn how to approach the Bible with awe and wonder as we worship the One who speaks through it’s pages.

Coming spring, 2024

Habits of Grace for Everyday Life

When we cultivate and pursue personal spiritual habits and practices, we experience God’s grace and continue to grow in Christ while learning to truly enjoy Jesus! This class will help you learn more about the habits, practices, and rhythms that God uses to help you grow as a follower of Jesus. We’ll talk about Bible engagement (reading, meditating, memorizing), prayer, worship, sabbath, and many more of the spiritual disciplines that Christians pursue to grow as disciples.

Coming fall, 2024

Epic: The Whole Story of the Bible

66 books. Many authors. ONE true story. Curious about how it all fits together and what it has to do with your life, today? Join us as we track the great themes that unify the Bible from beginning to end. Through this learning experience, class participants will have the opportunity to explore and understand the central storyline of Scripture.

Winter 2025

Bible Studies

Building on the foundation of our Core Classes, we’d encourage you to make your way to one of our many “elective” classes. At First Free Church, we offer a variety of learning environments for studying books of the Bible and various topics of the Bible. With opportunities for men, women, and co-ed groups, these spaces are great for building community, too!



Sundays | 9:00am
Room 014 (Lower Level)

Weekly Sunday school with rotating topics. Open to all; mostly attended by senior adults. Cornerstone will be meeting at the 9:00 hour through the summer.

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Hey, Dig the Bible
A Life on Track class
Sundays | 9:00–10:15am
Theater Room (113)
Starts June 4

Join us for a topical study of Biblical events though an archeological lens.

Join anytime!


Lifeway Women Simulcast

An all-day event | Grow your faith and community
June 10

Ladies! Join us for the day as we stream teaching from some of the Lifeway authors we love to read. We’ve built in plenty of time for fellowship too! Get to know new people and deepen existing relationships.

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Topical: Prayer

Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools
Thursdays | 6:00–7:00pm
Solid Grounds
Starts June 15

This study through Tyler Staton’s Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools is an intensive course on strengthening your spiritual walk through the practice of prayer.

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Our Bible Studies are on summer break. Check back for topics and sign-ups later this summer!

Explore Classes

In today’s cultural climate we are trying to make sense out of many competing worldviews. Explore Classes will be offered seasonally and will touch on topics related to human sexuality, cultural diversity, spiritual gifts, gender issues in the church, marriage & divorce, and abortion & adoption.

Participants in Explore Classes will have the opportunity to think about these issues from a biblical perspective. These classes are practical in nature, dealing with important conversations taking place in society, and participants will have the opportunity to learn more about what we believe the Bible teaches as communicated in our Position Statements.