Church Appeal

Church Appeal is our current capital funding project.

Projects completed with Church Appeal funding

Electronic sign & new landscaping:
The south entrance has been given a big face lift with beautiful new landscaping. Plus, a state-of-the-art electronic sign!

New Reign Forest lower level bathrooms:
Our Children’s Ministry now has new restroom facilities in the lower level of The Reign Forest.

New elevator & family bathroom:
The much desired, long-anticipated elevator is now operational. An ADA-compliant family bathroom has also been constructed adjacent to the elevator. Access is located in the alcove area between Solid Grounds and the Reign Forest.

Foyer remodel:
Twenty years is a long time without an update and it was starting to show. This project includes fresh paint, new carpet, and a new look.

New carpet and paint in Youth area:
New carpeting and wall treatments made our Student Ministry area an even more inviting space for students.

Remaining Projects

Multipurpose Room remodel & new acoustics:
This 3,000 square feet of building space will be returned to full use as we apply acoustical ceiling and wall treatments, add a sound loop system for the hearing-impaired, replace carpeting, and upgrade the room’s video system.

Remodel main level bathrooms:
The remodeling of our men's and women's restrooms (on main level) will includes new paint, tile, counter tops ... the whole works!

Worship Center video & lighting upgrades:
Video and lighting upgrades will enhance the worship service experience with clear vibrant images on the screens and dynamic stage lighting.

More Info

For more info on Church Appeal, contact Pastor Robb Maddox at (402) 483-7635.