The following are First Free Church supported missionaries:

Brian & Kylie C.
Pioneers (Southeast Asia)
We are serving among the Kali Muslims of Southeast Asia with a vision of planting multiplying house fellowships among the Kali. We do this primarily through partnering with local churches and national church planters by giving them training, coaching, and mentoring.

Dan & Carolyn Dority

Dan & Carolyn Dority
Pioneers (Based out of Orlando, FL)
We provide care and professional development opportunities for teams working in Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and North American Native and immigrant ethnic groups.

Rachel Dority

Rachel Dority
Reach Global (Tyndale Theological Seminary, Amsterdam)
I serve at Tyndale Theological Seminary, an international school that trains pastors, missionaries and christian workers from over 75 countries, many of them in creative access areas. My responsibilities include Instructor of English for Theology, Registrar, and Dean of Women. These jobs give me the opportunity to teach, mentor, and help guide the academic programs.

Foster family

Phil & Jan Foster
Wycliffe Bible Translators (Remote office in Ponca, NE)
Both Phil and Jan have the privilege of serving as HR Financial Liaisons for Wycliffe USA, giving guidance and financial direction to Wycliffe members. One of their primary responsibilities is to work with member finance for those returning from overseas on home assignment (furlough). Phil works directly with members serving in Asia and handles special assignments related to member finance. Jan's responsibilities cover special projects and all members working in the Americas, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. In their free time, Phil enjoys conversations over coffee, reading, fishing, and photography; Jan enjoys solving puzzles of all kinds, gardening, and reading.

Goode family

Andrew & Rebecca G.
Beyond (Southeast Asia)
Our vision is for the freedom of the gospel to multiply and be available to the 229 unreached people groups of this country. We are discipling believing college students in a Muslim nation to study and obey scripture. We'll then send them out to share the gospel with those who have not heard it. Through the power of the Spirit, we will meet unbelievers prepared to receive grace, send out workers, and see disciples multiplied around Southeast Asia and the world.

Kathy Hatfield

Kathy Hatfield
The Navigators (Colorado Springs, CO)
As a staff care member of the People Resource Team of The Navigators, I am responsible for the individual care of our U.S. Staff worldwide as well as adult children of Navigator staff, and where appropriate, young children of Navigator Staff. This may include, depending on the individual needs, personal counseling, sabbatical care, personal contribution assessment, relational healing or restoration.

Rood family

Mark & Jin Rood
The Navigators (Tokyo, Japan)
We are serving God in Tokyo, the Largest unreached city in the world. For the past 10 years, we have organized the BEST Club (Bible, English, Sports, Travel) for university students and graduates. Through BEST, deep and loving relationships are developed with the Japanese students and provide great opportunities to display the gospel with both actions and words. Through numerous activities including sports, trips, teaching English to the students, and in-depth Bible discussions we are seeking to bring the hope of Jesus to the Japanese. Follow on Facebook

Spellman family

Steve & Liz Spellman
Reach Global (Florianopolis, Brasil & Port au Prince, Haiti)
We serve on ReachGlobal’s leadership team for Latin America. Steve is the Field leader for the work in Haiti and Church Planting Coach and Mentor for the Free Church of Brasil.

Craig & Donna
Reach Global
Craig and Donna both serve with Reach Global. Craig's primary focus is with church missions' pastors and church missions' leaders. He is expanding a peer learning network that will enable them and their churches to grow more effective in global outreach. He is providing resources and building relationships that will assist churches in the task of global outreach and partnerships to which God has called them. Craig leads churches to develop a global strategy that will lead them to multiply healthy churches in the nations to which God has called them.