Marriage Mentoring

What is Marriage Mentoring?

It’s the process of having a seasoned and experienced couple (nobody said anything about being perfect) come alongside a less experienced couple to help show them the way.

Why is Marriage Mentoring important?

Because it works! Eighty-two percent of couples report wanting to have a mentor couple walk with them. Second, research shows that couples who have Marriage Mentors are happier and healthier.

Why should my spouse and I be mentored?

Forging a friendship with a couple who has been married longer than you can be a great way to gain support and insight into married life. Marriage mentors can help during all of the three seasons in your marriage; we call this the Marriage Mentoring Triad. We look at this triad as three sides of a triangle that make up three major seasons every married couple experiences:

Season 1: Prepare
The engagement season, plus the early years of your marriage when you’re working to launch lifelong love.

Season 2: Repair
A season that involves navigating tough situations, ongoing conflict, traumatic events, or big life changes.

Season 3: Maximize
A season where you’re ready to level up your marriage.

We will connect you with a mentoring couple that can best encourage and equip you with where you are in your journey together as husband and wife.

Be a Marriage Mentor

Marriage Mentors make a big difference! One of the most important battles the church is facing today is fractured marriage relationships and the skyrocketing divorce rate.  Many marriages are struggling and in trouble. But you can help. Marriage Mentors are on the front lines in the battle for marriages, helping to win the war and empower couples to build rock-solid relationships.

Are you Marriage Mentor material?

To find out, take this self-assessment:
– Are you relatively happy in your marriage?
– Do you both share a motivation to become trained as Marriage Mentors?
– Are you able to laugh and learn from your mistakes?
– Are you invested in growing your own marriage?
– Are you committed to your spouse?
– Are you willing to share some of your time to help another couple?

If you answered “yes” to these six questions, you’ve got what it takes to learn the rest!

More Info

Marriage Mentoring Coordinators: Greg & Lynita Hood

For more info on being a mentored couple or Marriage Mentor, contact the church office at (402) 483-7635 or