Summer Lovin’

What is Summer Lovin’?

To help our church family get engaged in everyday outreach in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and wherever they go...this summer we are launching "Summer Lovin’! Here are three simple ways for you to engage in everyday outreach: throw a Summer Block Party, host an Outdoor Movie Night, have a D48 (Dinner for 8). Choose one or do all three and let's all be #4Lincoln!

Host a block party! To help get you started, we’ll provide a “Block Party In A Bag”.
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Host a movie night! To help get you started, we’ll provide an Outdoor Move Night Kit.
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Host a “Dinner for 8”! Have a hangout night with 4 people from church plus invite 4 people you know who are far from God. Join together for a night of fun and relationship-building!
Some suggestions:
- Have an outdoor BBQ & play yard games.
- Play board games & eat pizza.
- Have a movie night with snacks.
- Host a murder mystery dinner.
- Have a food-themed cook-off.
- Go out for dinner & bowling.

Share your Summer Lovin’ experience!
Remember to post pictures online with the hashtag #4Lincoln and share your Summer Lovin’ stories on the #4Lincoln map in church foyer!