Life Change Stories

Abby’s Story
Abby tells of her journey as the mother of a daughter with special needs.
Tasha’s story
Tasha shares about the help she received from God, family and friends during a time of being bullied.
Kirk’s story
After a long, successful career, Kirk followed God’s call to change careers to make an impact.
Karin’s story
Karin came to First Free through one “door”, resulting in the opening of many more doors for her.
Bonnie’s Story
Hear Bonnie tell about giving her baby up for adoption and the help she received along the way.
Jeff / The Evidence of Salvation
Jeff tells about how salvation is demonstrated in a transformed life.
Jeff / The Power in God’s Word
Just “a page a day” in God’s Word changed Jeff’s life forever.
Travis, Kim & Ryan / Masterpiece Ministry
Being part of Masterpiece Ministry has been a blessing to this whole family.
Garry / God Was There
This life transformation is proof positive of the incredible power of God.
Karin / Trusting in God’s Provision
After her husband’s death, God’s provision abounded for this mother of three sons.
Carol / Seeing God’s Plan
Through a lifetime of hardships, God reveals his great love and perfect plan for Carol.
Rod & Dawn / Carried by Prayer
Hear this amazing story of Rod’s journey of healing from a near fatal car crash.
Dan & Alaina / Adoption
This couple tells the incredible story of the adoption of their two beautiful daughters.
James & Karrie / Life Group Leaders
This couple’s start as Life Group leaders led to an even greater calling.