Life Group Ministry

Why Life Groups?

The reality is you and I were never meant to live the Christian life in isolation. We were meant to live in community with one another through Jesus Christ. Life Groups are small, biblical communities where authentic relationships are formed with the purpose of growing in Jesus together!

What happens in Life Groups?

In short, Life Groups follow Jesus--together. This means that Life Group participants encourage, support and challenge each other along their spiritual journeys. While this can look very different depending on the group, most Life Groups will study the Bible together, do social activities together, and serve in the community together--all in the name of Jesus.

How do I join a Life Group?

The easiest way to join a Life Group is to register below. Upon receiving your registration, we will help find a group that is the right fit for you.
Life Group Registration

Life GroupĀ Curriculum

Life Groups at First Free Church are defined by four core values of biblical community called "Life Together." As a Life Group, start with and return to this 4-week Life Together study often. It will guide and ground your Life Group experience on these four core values.
Life Together Study

We have three other great options for your Life Group to find a meaningful study. Need a recommendation? Just reach out and ask!

Online Resource Library

On-Site Resource Library
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Weekly Prep Passages
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Leader's Guide

Life Group Leader Resources

These Life Group leader resources will help you lead your group at your best.
Life Group leader resources
Life Group weekly check-in

Got Questions?

Want to know more about Life Groups? Contact Pastor Daniel Kerr at (402) 483-7635. He has a big passion for helping people get connected in this way.