Flood Disaster Response

Give through First Free Church: Our church has been asked to donate gift cards to help with Flood Disaster Relief in Omaha and the surrounding areas.  You can drop off gift cards for food, gas, and department stores (like Walmart) to the church office (Mon-Fri, 8 am-4:30 pm.) Please make sure to choose gift cards to stores that are located in the Omaha area.

Give through EFCA Global Crisis Response: ReachGlobal Crisis Response, alongside local Evangelical Free Churches, is providing real help and sharing the love of Christ to Nebraska and Iowa communities devastated by the flooding disaster. Join them in sharing the love of Christ with those in need through your financial support. Click here to give

Thanks for your generosity! Over the past few weeks, our church generously responded to the needs to be filled in the Ashland area to which we were asked to provide assistance. Thank you to all who contributed!