Discipleship Training Groups

What is a Discipleship Training Group (DTG)?

A Discipleship Training Group or DTG is a short-term, seasonal opportunity to grow as a follower of Jesus. DTG’s are meant to complement our Life Group ministry, not replace it. DTG’s cover specific topics related to helping you grow as an apprentice of Jesus. All DTG experiences are an invitation to explore biblical insights leading to transformation, experienced through application and immersion in the life and mission of Jesus.

Spring 2020 groups

Discipleship Training Group - Basics

DTG Online: Basics – The Gospel

4 sessions | Launches Thursday, April 30 | 12pm

In the Basics group, we will interact with two questions: What is the Gospel and what is a Gospel-centered Church? Your online experience will help you understand what the Gospel is and how it shapes and impacts the mission of the church.

You can join anytime. After registering for the online experience, you’ll receive login information and class materials roughly 24 hours before the first session.

DTG Next Level

DTG Online: Next Level – Mission in Acts

6-8 sessions | Launches Monday, May 4 | 8pm

In the Next Level group, we’ll walk through the book of Acts, observing how the Church grew and multiplied. It’s a great study for people wondering how we can be the Church at a time when we can’t meet in a specific location at a specific time. You’ll find this class helpful in understanding concepts related to our role in missional living and gospel-community. Great for people who are ready to create a personal strategy for reaching out to others in their sphere of influence.

You can join anytime. After registering for the online experience, we’ll send you login information, reading assignments, and class material roughly 24 hours before the first session. Class size will be limited to 12 participants.