Budget Proposal


Our next financial year begins August 1, 2017 and the Elders have recently completed a review of the annual budget proposal prepared by the church staff.  This proposal was approved by the Elders at their last meeting on May 22 for recommendation to the congregation.

A congregational forum for discussion of the budget is scheduled for Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room and all are invited to attend.

A formal meeting of the partnering members of the church to vote on the acceptance of the budget will be held on Sunday, July 9, 2017 in the Multipurpose Room. This meeting will be held in the time period between the two morning services beginning at 10:30. The meeting will convene as soon as a quorum is achieved and will adjourn at 11:00 with the start of the second service.

If you cannot participate in the vote at the scheduled meeting, absentee ballots will be available beginning June 25th at the Information Center in the church foyer or through the church office. To be counted in the vote, ballots must be received before the meeting convenes on July 9th.

We will also provide the option to vote online this year through a secure balloting service. For those who wish to register their vote by this means, instructions will be emailed to the preferred address on record in our database for all partnering members a week before the congregational meeting. Each voter will need their own, individual email address in order to use this option. In other words, multiple members of a household will not be able to share the same email to vote online. As with physical absentee ballots, online voting will close at the convening of the congregational meeting.



This year’s proposed general expense budget totals $2,163,086. When income from other sources (curriculum reimbursement, event/activity registrations, Solid Grounds offerings) is considered as a portion of this, the total net expense budget (general offering) is $2,120,446, a decrease of $62,900 from last year.


$216,309 / 10%

As one of the aspects of our strategic focus, First Free tangibly demonstrates how much it values outreach!  In fact, 10% of all general giving through non-designated offerings has been committed to support local and global outreach (missions) efforts.  Above and beyond the budgeted amount, the church family has sacrificially provided additional funds through designated giving to support specially approved mission trips and outreach projects. These funds total an additional $180,000 that is channeled toward reaching people with the gospel.


$189,340 / 9%

Our departments (e.g. Life Groups, Worship, Student, Children, Adult, Masterpiece, Congregational Care, Missio Dei and Connecting Ministries) are led by people ministering to people through a network of volunteers without which our ministry at First Free would cease to exist. For this reason our budget prioritizes money invested in development of people and the training and support of our workers and servants. Money allotted for activities, equipment, supplies and other tangible items is secondary and carefully evaluated as to its support of the above-mentioned value.


$1,460,476 / 67%

Our greatest asset in support of the predominately volunteer ministry of our church is our part and full-time staff.  These are the servants who weekly encourage, equip, teach and mobilize our members in the pursuit of our mission – To introduce people to Jesus Christ, develop them into fully-devoted followers and equip them to impact our city and world.


$174,906 / 8%

Operating costs for building utilities, cleaning supplies, maintenance and service agreements, building and equipment repairs, equipment, furnishings, décor, technical support equipment and systems and other miscellaneous costs.


$121,785 / 6%

Operating costs associated with mailings, copying, computers, software upgrades, web site development and support and other basic communication and ministry resource support systems are reflected in this area in support of all our many ministry areas.


NOTE: Except for Outreach, percentages rounded to show total of 100%.