Too often the Church is known for what it is against rather than what it is for. We want to change that. Our goal is simple: We want Lincoln to say the city is better because First Free Church is here. We are showing the city we are #4Lincoln in 4 ways: in Love, Hope, Community, and  Inspiration.

LOVE: Jesus reminded us that next to loving God, loving our neighbors is of utmost importance. God has placed unique individuals in our lives that we should show love. Who are the people in your sphere of influence (neighbors, coworkers, friends) that need to experience God’s love? We want to show those people love through gifts, acts of service, and our time.

Need some Ideas? Try these:

GIFTS: Give a gift card (Visa, Scooters, Amazon.com) * Send a prepaid meal (Pizza, Jimmy John’s) * Adopt a family for Christmas and provide food and gifts. * Buy the “new person” his/her coffee.

SERVICE: Prepare and deliver meals/baked goods. * Shovel snow for your neighbors. * Scrape car windows of your coworkers. * Babysit for a single parent (or a large family)

TIME: Host a Matthew Party (A gathering of Christian and non-Christians at your home). * Offer a 10 second prayer for your server. * Invite your coworker to shop with you and share your story. * Visit your relative at the nursing home, but include others in your visit.

HOPE: Jesus said we are to be his witnesses. We should be ready to share hope with the people around us. We can share hope by sharing our stories of God’s goodness and, of course, the good news of what Christ has done. Here’s some resources to help:

Share Your Story
The Romans Road
ABCs of Evangelism

COMMUNITY: From the book of Acts and throughout the New Testament you see an intimate community forming among believers. We want to continue to develop that here in Lincoln and at First Free Church. Because we love First Free Church, we want to invite our friends, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else to First Free. Share hope by inviting others to experience community here on a Sunday morning. Pick up invite cards at Info Center in church foyer.

INSPIRATION:  The whole Bible is the story of what God has done to and through His people. We too each have stories that can inspire us to greater outreach, service and Christian living. We want you to share your story of what you’ve done to show the city and those in your circle of influence that you are #4Lincoln.

Share with us a 1 minute selfie video at videos@firstfreelincon.org. Watch this video for full details:

Don’t forget to share your story of love, hope or community on our #4Lincoln map in the church foyer!